About Us

We're a small Technology Company with people in the UK and Ireland. We built yboo to solve the problem of knowing which Network and Plan is best for you.

We only design and build things which can provide genuine benefit to millions of people.  

yboo is one of those things.

Outside of yboo, we love running, music, food, technology and craft ales.  We also like playing pool and watching Rugby.

The future

yboo is start of our Mission to become a very loud voice for Mobile users. We've got some other products in development and some other ideas which we're still exploring.

If you'd like yboo to do other things such as recommend the best energy or broadband tariff for you, let us know.  Our users will be driving our roadmap, not us.  


We'd love you to share yboo with your friends and even the whole world! Help other people to save money by sharing yboo and how great it is.