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yboo is a free to download app that compares phone contracts and SIM only deals for up to 60 million UK consumers.

We analyse data from your device to recommend the most accurate network deals based on data and signal strength where you live, work and hang out. Essentially, we are saving you as consumers a lot of time and money!

Our Story

yboo began life like every other revolutionary invention, just as a simple idea. It was created with blood, sweat, tears and a heap of ambition in a local pub. yboo started its journey in early 2017 with founders Martyn Gould and Paul Doyle.

The app now has over 20,000 downloads across both Android and iOS devices, helping everyone choose the most accurate network plan for their usage based on live data. yboo is based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and has an ever-growing family. It is the only app that is currently shaping the future of mobile networks.

Our Team

Martyn Headshot

Martyn – Founder and CEO

Tech Loves – Apple devices, Spotify and any tech that solves real issues (like yboo!)
Tech Hates – Multi click checkouts, untargeted offers when online shopping

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, running, the gym, reading, live music, travelling and films.

Paul – Co Founder and CTO

Tech Loves – Find my Android and MongoDB
Tech Hates – Windows updates and checkouts

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling to new and adventurous locations and you’ll often see me running the streets of Holmfirth.

Paul Doyle Headshot Landscape

Our Goal

yboo’s long term vision is to change the landscape in which consumers purchase phone contracts and mobile SIM only plans. Our goal is to give the consumer the most accurate network recommendations based on where you live, work and hang out. Saving up to 60 million UK consumers time and money when switching network providers.

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It doesn’t matter which network you are currently on, yboo will match you to the best deal based on price and signal strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about yboo and how we work? Here you can find answers to some of most common FAQs.

What data do you collect?

yboo only collects data necessary to recommend the best deals on the UK mobile market suited to your usage. We do not gather any personal or identifiable information and all usage counted is displayed clearly to each user on their app.

What is your privacy policy?

You can find full details in our terms and conditions and our data policy found on the yboo app or at the bottom of this page. Click here to read our full privacy policy.

How does the app recommend deals when I have only had it a few days?

For the best deals use your phone as normal for 30 days with the yboo app on your phone, so we can recommend the best deals for your usage over a standard billing month. Until you reach 30 days we base these recommendations on your usage for the days you have had the app and extrapolate or forecast this use for up to 30 days.

Are you tied to a mobile network?

No. yboo is an impartial service in the UK mobile market, we look at every plan available (from the operators we currently host) and recommend the best ones for your usage.

I don't have network coverage results

yboo is committed to providing each user with accurate network coverage results for each operator, based on where they live, work, and hang out. The UK is a big place and this cannot be done overnight. To receive your personalised results you need to make sure your location permissions are turned on, then simply leave yboo running as normal. The app will alert you when your results are ready.

Note that these operator rankings will then be updated weekly, to provide each user with the most accurate results.

Why does the iOS and Android app not show my calls and texts?

Apple and Google regulations do not allow apps to track text or call usage. This is why yboo only shows users their data usage and can only recommend deals based on their data usage. Please take this into consideration when selecting a deal with a low number of call minutes or texts.