Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about yboo and how we work? Here you can find answers to some of most common FAQs.

What Data do you collect?

We count the number of voice minutes, texts and volume of data you use both over Wi-Fi and via your Mobile Network.  We may also collect other relevant pieces of information to recommend the best plan for you.

We only collect what we need and purely to recommend the best plan for you.

Do you store my Web browsing activity?

No.  We count the volume of mobile data you use whilst browsing the Web or using other Apps but we have no interest in recording more detail than that.  We don’t track which sites you’re browsing, what you are buying or anything else.

What is your Privacy policy?

It’s simple.  We don’t ask you to register and we don’t collect any information which could identify you as an individual. If you would like us to delete all your Data once you’ve used our App, just ask us and we will.  We don’t need your data once we’ve helped you to find and buy the best plan for you.

The EU privacy directives ask that;

1.  We identify who we are.

We are YBOO Limited.  A Company registered with Companies House under Company Number 10666836.

2.  What precise categories of personal data our app collects and processes.

Yboo gathers the following information from each user

Call history

Text message history

Data usage history (whether mobile data or wi-fi)

The identity of your current Mobile Network

The manufacturer and model of your Smartphone

Your physical location and the signal strength at that location

We collect and process this information to enable us to recommend the best Network and Plan for you.

3.  Whether the data will be disclose to Third Parties

The Data may be disclosed to Mobile Networks to help them understand UK Consumer behaviour and to model offers with the specific intent of being more competitive.  The Data will never identify you or any attributes which could be used to identify you.

4.  What rights you have to withdraw your data and request for deletion.

We do not collect any information which could identify you.  Even yboo does not know who you are.  If you would like us to delete your data, please email us.  We will need to ask you specific questions to identify your records and delete them.  This is because we do not collect your name, email address, physical address of any information about you as an individual.

Is yboo compatible with all other Apps?

Yes.  It won’t interfere with anything else.

Why do you only compare SIM only plans?

We’re working on that too.  We will be able to compare handset plans shortly.

Are you tied to a Mobile Network or Virtual Network?

No.  We look at every plan available to you and show you the ones which suit you best.

email us at if you have a question which isn’t covered here.



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