How yboo Can Help UK Mobile Operators


We’ve started pushing out info-graphics and even hosting webinars to talk about how the power of yboo and our data can help Mobile Operators and Virtual Operators (MNO and MVNO) to understand more and therefore sell more. All very interesting stuff but let’s look at the hard facts.


The note above says it all. Not only is yboo a rich source of behavioural data, our team can help you to understand that data and not only optimise your propositions, but also optimise yboo as a sales channel

In mobile, understanding when you don’t sell is key. Matching ‘no sales’ to Consumer behavioural profiles and linking that to lost opportunity cost is often the driver you need to create a (new) and winning proposition.

Or perhaps your organisation wants to look at more than price? What about signal strength and QoS where that Consumer works, lives and hangs out?

Or maybe you’re really radical and want to combine price and QoS to give that valuable Subscriber great value?

yboo is an effective, high quality and low cost sales channel giving you access to educated Consumers who want to be matched to the right deal for them. Drop me a note if you’d like to know more.