Why you should consider getting a Sim Only plan

Within the past 3 years, there has been a huge increase of consumers opting to take out a Sim Only contract instead of taking out a traditional mobile phone contract where a Mobile Network also provides the smartphone. Intrigued by this trend within the UK Mobile Market, we decided to find out why consumers are moving away from the traditional mobile contract. So here’s 5 reasons why consumers chose SIM Only plans opposed to traditional mobile contracts.

SIM Card


1.    You’ll SAVE MONEY

We found when comparing a mobile contract with buying a phone outright & pairing it with a Sim Only plan, you’ll be paying less over the same time period. Yes! Save some money and put it in the bank! Or go out for dinner? Or book that weekend away. The choice is yours!

2.    There’s MORE CHOICE

When it comes to looking for a Sim Only plan, there is a much larger offering available. This is due to the amount of Networks selling plans within the SIM Only Market. The SIM Only market includes tariffs from the larger networks (O2, EE, 3 & Vodafone) along with tariffs from the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s) (GiffGaff, ID Mobile, Sky Mobile, SMARTY, VOXI & etc.)


With Sim Only plans, you are not tied down to a network for a long period, there is much more flexibility. You have the choice of 30 day rolling plans and 12 month plans. This means you are free to change networks more often or change tariffs to suite your ever changing needs.

4.    EASIER credit checks

With Sim Only plans, there is more lenience from Network Providers on credit checks as applicants are seen as low risk. This is due to the plans having shorter contract lengths (30 days, 12 months), lower monthly costs & not having a handset included within the plan.

By the way, Sim Only plans will help you improve your credit rating. As long as you pay on time!

5.    CHANGE your handset anytime

With Sim Only plans, you are only paying for the inclusive tariff on your sim. The payment for your handset would be separate, either as a one off payment (bought outright) or monthly payments for a handset plan/upgrade plan. This means you are free to change/upgrade your handset at any time based on your handset payment method. You could buy a newly released handset outright on the day of release or you could continue to use your existing handset for as long as you would like.

So you’re in control. And let’s face it, we all like being in control.