Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about yboo and how we work? Here you can find answers to some of most common FAQs.

How does this work?

yboo counts your mobile usage and uses this information to recommend the best deals on the UK market for you.

What data do you collect?

yboo only collects data necessary to recommend the best deals on the UK mobile market suited to your usage. We do not gather any personal or identifiable information, and all usage counted is displayed clearly to each user on their app.


The following information is gathered from each user:

  • Data usage (whether mobile data or wi-fi)
  • The identity of your current Mobile Network
  • The manufacturer and model of your Smartphone
  • Your physical location and the signal strength at that location


For Android users we also gather:

  • UK and international call usage
  • UK and international text usage


See below as to why this is done with Android devices only.

Do you store my Web browsing activity?

No.  We count the volume of mobile data you use whilst browsing the Web or using other Apps but do not record any further information.  We do not track which sites you’re browsing or any other online activity.

What is your Privacy policy?

You can find full details in our Terms and Conditions and our Data policy, found on the yboo app or at

How does the app recommend deals when I have only had it few days?

For the best deals use your phone as normal for 30 days with the yboo app on your phone, so we can recommend the best deals for your usage over a standard billing month. Until you reach 30 days, we base these recommendations on your usage for the days you have had the app and extrapolate or forecast this use up to 30 days.

Why don't I have network coverage results?

yboo is committed to providing each user with accurate network coverage results for each operator, based on where they live, work, and hang out. The UK is a big place and this cannot be done overnight. To receive your personalised results you need to make sure your location permissions are turned on, then simply leave yboo running as normal. The app will alert you when your results are ready.

Why does the iOS app not show my calls and texts, like the Android app?

Apple regulations do not allow apps to track text or call usage. This is why yboo only shows iPhone user their data usage and can only recommend deals based on their data usage. Due to this limitation we only recommend deals to iPhone users with minimum 1000 texts and 1000 call minutes.

Android does allow tracking of call and text usage, enabling us to better recommend the best deals for each individual user.

Why does Android ask for permission to make and manage calls?

All devices now ask for user permission if an app is deemed to be accessing certain data or system features, to ensure the protection of user privacy.

However, the wording on Android devices could be interpreted incorrectly and does not apply literally to yboo. We will never make or manage calls on your device, only track call minutes to better recommend you deals based on your usage.

Is yboo compatible with all other Apps?

Yes.  It won’t interfere with anything else.

Why do you only compare SIM only plans?

We’re working on that. You will be able to compare handset plans shortly.

Are you tied to a Mobile Network or Virtual Network?

No.  yboo is an impartial service in the UK mobile market. We look at every plan available (from the operators we currently host) and recommend the best ones for your usage.

The app doesn’t seem to be working correctly, what should I do?

If you are having any issues with the app, head to the Contact Us page and tap the mail icon. This will send an email to us at containing your Device ID, allowing us to check a problem on your particular handset. Just describe the issue, add in any relevant screenshots, and hit send

I want my data deleted, is this possible?

If you would like us to delete your data just email us at  We will request your Device ID, found in the mail option on the Contact Us page, to identify your records and delete them.  This is because we do not collect your name, email address, physical address of any information about you as an individual.

email us at if you have a question which isn’t covered here.



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